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August 3rd, 2010

The “Disk-Go-Case” is one of my most fun items in my collection.  It is lavender, about 8” tall and 9” in diameter.  It was manufactured by Charter Industries in 1966.  The case was available in seven colors:  pink, green, lavender, brown, yellow, blue and red.  Additionally, the record container was sold with a hanging tag and a banner.

The way the product works is that you can put 45 records on the spindle in the middle of the circular container’s bottom plate, and the cover reaches over the plate and locks into place.  It’s a rather neat design, though it doesn’t make allowances for picture sleeves.  :-/   It is great for portability too;  I keep records in mine, and it’s quite easy to travel with them.  Just remember to keep it out of sunlight so it doesn’t fade, if you get one!

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