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Beatles Diary

August 1st, 2010

Welcome to my Beatles website!  This is my first, of hopefully many, posts for commentary and review.  The first item for discussion is my Beatles Diary for 1965.  It was made in Scotland for the 1965 calendar year, and it contains many photos and descriptions of the Beatles during that time frame.    This item is probably one of my favorites, because it is the first item that I ever purchased for my collection!

The Diary caught my eye at a convention because it was unique and affordable (at the time!).  I went to a NJ convention and I was overwhelmed by the amount of Beatles items for sale.  Records, dolls, games, magazines, trinkets….everywhere.  Haggling everywhere, too.  I had no idea what haggling was at the time, so I paid a whopping $30 for my 1965 Beatles diary in 1994.  It was small, different, and rare.  I liked that.

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