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1967 Christmas Record

August 9th, 2010

In 1967 The Beatles recorded Christmas Time is Here Again!  It is the most elaborate holiday flexi-disc The Beatles ever created for the U.K. fan club members.  It was recorded on November 11, 1967 and released December 15, 1967.  It runs around six minutes in length.

The premise of the recording is that many groups audition for a BBC radio program.  “Christmas Time Is Here Again!” plays throughout the recording.  The members of the band play various characters throughout the recording, including actors, musicians, and game show contestants.   John reads his poem, “When Christmas Time is Over” at the end of the recording.

Once again the American fan club members only received a post card during this time of year….

This is probably my favorite holiday flexi-disc because you can hear the Beatles having fun making the recording!  I wish I was there for the session!!!

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