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1969 Happy Christmas Holiday Flexi-Disc

August 11th, 2010

This is the last of a series of blog posts about The Beatles’ Christmas flexi-discs.  This is the 1969 Happy Christmas holiday flexi-disc.  The cover features a photograph by Ringo.  To me, it looks like the inner workings of a mind…light plotches everywhere, little pieces of thought blurry…

The record was released December 19, 1969 on Parlophone Records, running almost eight minutes.  Once again it was recorded separately in the fall of 1969.  George and Ringo were barely on the album, and John and Paul were on it extensively.  Paul sings his “This is to Wish You a Merry, Merry Christmas,” to the fans.

This flexi-disc makes me a bit sad, because it is the end of The Beatles.  They didn’t even get together to make the album.  :-/  But as always, I’m grateful for the kind words from the boys!

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1965 Christmas Flexi-Disc

August 7th, 2010

The flexi-disc pictured here is from 1965, and it has the original packaging it was mailed in to the owner!!!  I think that is a wonderful piece of history.  It even has the name of the owner still on the packaging.

This disc was also issued with a newsletter insert, and came in a black and white sleeve.

It’s wonderful to get a little holiday cheer from the Beatles themselves!!!

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1963 U.K. Christmas Flexi-Disc

August 5th, 2010

In  the 1960s the Beatles Fan Club in the United Kingdom issued yearly Christmas flexi-discs.  These flexi-discs contained small holiday messages to the fans, from the Beatles, and would oftentimes contain music on them as well.

Pictured here is the 1963 U.K. Christmas flexi-disc.  The flexi-disc looks like a one-sided 45 that is flexible and soft.  The flexi-disc is stored within a sleeve that opens, which contains a newsletter on the inside of the sleeve.

These flexi-discs are absolutely wonderful!  Especially in the beginning, the Beatles took the time to send a special message to their fans, which is a cool way for the fans to feel important.

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