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1969 Happy Christmas Holiday Flexi-Disc

August 11th, 2010

This is the last of a series of blog posts about The Beatles’ Christmas flexi-discs.  This is the 1969 Happy Christmas holiday flexi-disc.  The cover features a photograph by Ringo.  To me, it looks like the inner workings of a mind…light plotches everywhere, little pieces of thought blurry…

The record was released December 19, 1969 on Parlophone Records, running almost eight minutes.  Once again it was recorded separately in the fall of 1969.  George and Ringo were barely on the album, and John and Paul were on it extensively.  Paul sings his “This is to Wish You a Merry, Merry Christmas,” to the fans.

This flexi-disc makes me a bit sad, because it is the end of The Beatles.  They didn’t even get together to make the album.  :-/  But as always, I’m grateful for the kind words from the boys!

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1968 Christmas Record

August 10th, 2010

The 1968 Beatles’ Christmas flexi-disc is  quite long – almost eight minutes – of separately recorded fun.  That’s right, the Beatles weren’t together when they recorded this record.  Paul’s “Happy Christmas, Happy New Year” and John’s poems (“Jock and Yono” and “Once Upon a Pool Table”) are on this record, along with Tiny Tim!

Finally, this year, the US fan club members received a flexi-disc as well.  But, the one pictured here is the U.K. version.

I love the colors on the front of this sleeve.  It’s very pretty.  If you look carefully at it, can you see what it resembles?

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1967 Christmas Record

August 9th, 2010

In 1967 The Beatles recorded Christmas Time is Here Again!  It is the most elaborate holiday flexi-disc The Beatles ever created for the U.K. fan club members.  It was recorded on November 11, 1967 and released December 15, 1967.  It runs around six minutes in length.

The premise of the recording is that many groups audition for a BBC radio program.  “Christmas Time Is Here Again!” plays throughout the recording.  The members of the band play various characters throughout the recording, including actors, musicians, and game show contestants.   John reads his poem, “When Christmas Time is Over” at the end of the recording.

Once again the American fan club members only received a post card during this time of year….

This is probably my favorite holiday flexi-disc because you can hear the Beatles having fun making the recording!  I wish I was there for the session!!!

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1966 Christmas Record

August 8th, 2010

Today’s item on the block is the 1966 Beatles’ Fourth Christmas Record – Pantomime:  Everywhere It’s Christmas.

The U.K. version of the 1966 Christmas flexi-disc was recorded on November 25, 1966 and released on December 16, 1966.  Its runtime is almost seven minutes and it is comprised of a bunch of songs and skits, much to the delight of Beatles fans everywhere!  “Podgy the Bear and Jasper” and “Felpin Mansions” are two of the skits performed.  “Please Don’t Bring Your Banjo Back,” “Everywhere It’s Christmas,” and “Orowanya” are three songs performed.

Unfortunately the US fan club members only received a postcard – no flexi-disc.  In my opinion, that’s what makes the holiday flexi-discs even more rare.

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1965 Christmas Flexi-Disc

August 7th, 2010

The flexi-disc pictured here is from 1965, and it has the original packaging it was mailed in to the owner!!!  I think that is a wonderful piece of history.  It even has the name of the owner still on the packaging.

This disc was also issued with a newsletter insert, and came in a black and white sleeve.

It’s wonderful to get a little holiday cheer from the Beatles themselves!!!

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1964 Christmas Flexi-Disc

August 6th, 2010

I figured I would continue on with the discussion about the Christmas flexi-discs!  The one pictured here is from 1964, and it is their second holiday flexi-disc.  It has a black and white sleeve.  Additionally, it came with a newsletter insert which folds open, as you can see from the photos.

I’ve never played this one, even though I have three copies!

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Long Tall Sally

August 2nd, 2010

Long Tall Sally is my favorite item in my collection!  It is a British EP issued in June of 1964 on the Parlophone label.  The songs contained on the EP are “Long Tall Sally,” “I Call Your Name,” “Slow Down,” and “Matchbox.”  It was issues in mono with the number GEP 8913.

The main reason why this is my favorite item in my collection is because the music is where it’s at – that’s what is most important.  Additionally, the EPs are much more rare than the regular 45 singles – and you get twice as much music!!!

I bought this EP at a record store back in 1994.  I remember being completely overwhelmed by the amount of music at this store.  It was outside of Philadelphia, and the place was known for its music.  I have no idea if the store is even still there!  Anyhow, I remember looking at the glossy and matte photos on the covers of albums, 45s, and EPs, not knowing where to start.  And then I remembered hearing “Long Tall Sally” on a CD I own.  Paul’s singing is amazing;  his yells reach right into your soul and you can’t help but dance along!  At that moment I knew that I had to spend the $40 on the record!  Maybe overpriced for that time period, but it was SO worth it!

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