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Talc Powder Tin

August 4th, 2010

This is a blog entry about my beloved Talc Powder Tin.  Unfortunately, it has a dent on the one side (as you can see from the photo), but I love it just the same!

This Tin was manufactured by Margo of Mayfair in the United Kingdom.  It has the text on it, “With the Beatles Talc.”  It is approximately 7” tall and is gray and white.  Mine still has the original talc powder in it!

Two of the things I love about this collectible are that it’s rather different and rare.  The Talc Powder Tin is one of the various personal grooming items that were available with Beatles images on them.  Many of the Talc Tins were thrown away after usage, and many were used!

Just remember to keep those collectibles and not use them.  😉

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